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Prova:PUC-MINAS 2013
Assunto:Interpretação de texto | Reading comprehension

The word unlike in “Unlike, for instance, Los Angeles…” (paragraph 01) indicates that

Read the following passage and choose the option which best completes each question, according to the text:  


    London is a city made for walking. Unlike, for example, Los Angeles its centre is easily accessible on foot. Between 2001 and 2011 the number of trips made daily on foot in London increased by 12%. Each day 6.2m walks are made across the city.
   Several reasons account for the walking boom. The number of Londoners increased by 12% from 7.3m in 2001 to 8.2m in 2011, and Underground trains are hot and overcrowded. But other factors also encourage pedestrians. In 2004 Ken Livingstone, then mayor of London, promised to make London a “walkable city”. Some of his plans were carried on by Boris Johnson, the current mayor. These include a scheme to create clearly-marked maps for use across the city and make streets more pedestrian-friendly. Londoners may also be more aware of the advantages of walking. Health campaigns like the National Health Service’s “Live Well” emphasize that walking is the easiest form of exercise.
   High streets and town centres need to win back walkers. Learning from London’s incentives could be a start. 

(Adapted from: 

people like to walk in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is made for walking.
it is not easy to walk in Los Angeles.
London is bigger than Los Angeles.


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